OOTD: Purple Floral Dress & Boots


Outfit of the Day details: Purple Floral Dress: thrifted, $0; Purple Leggings: Ross, gift; Purple Cardigan: Gap (old), price unknown; Boots: Macy’s, originally $120 – paid $80.

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April 2014 Subscription Box Reviews

I am super late on my April Subscription Box reviews, but this was really the earliest I could get them up. I am currently subscribed to 3 subscription box services: Birchbox, Ipsy, and Wantable Intimates. I have been subscribed to Birchbox since December 2013, Ipsy since January 2014, and Wantable’s Intimates Box since February 2014.

This month was a great month for me! It seems like all my subscriptions really brought their ‘A’ game.

Birchbox, $10/month: April2014Birchbox

Birchbox gets a 5/5 from me this month. I’m really pleased with everything they sent me, I’m really hoping that next month is just as great.

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The Worst Day of My Life


One year ago, today, my father died.

I cannot even begin to express the utter sorrow, devastation, and grief I felt that day and continue to feel every single day since.

A piece of me is missing – I never realized how whole and complete I felt, until I was no longer felt whole and complete. I wish I could describe grief – describe the pain, the emptiness you feel in the center of your chest, how it just hurts – but everything sounds so cliched. The words doesn’t fit the situation, don’t really give the weight and the gravity of what death really is. How I actually feel – how my family feels – cannot be understood in writing, it can only be felt. And it’s not a feeling I would wish on anyone.

I wish I could say it gets better. Everyone told me “the first year is the hardest.” And honestly, I feel (and still feel) really cheated by those words. People still say “it will get easier,” but I really don’t know if it ever does. Because, for me, it stills feels like yesterday. It feels like it just happened.

I miss my father every day. I will always miss him. There will always be an empty place at our family gatherings – a laugh or a made-up song that should be there, but isn’t. I am acutely aware of those moments. I mourn their loss.

It’s still hard for me to accept that he’s really gone.


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OOTD: Bookworm Dress + Navy Heels + Glasses


Outfit of the Day details: Tommy Hilfiger Shirt dress: Macy’s, $90; Navy suede heels: Macy’s, $15. Glasses (prescription): Costco. 

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OOTD: Red & White & Blue


Outfit of the Day details: White Tee: Target, $20. Skirt: local boutique, $30. Red Flats (old): Macy’s, approx. $50-60.

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Link Round-up #2

As a coffee-addict this article on What People Order At Starbucks around the US is pretty interesting! I’m almost always a grande iced white mocha – guess I don’t fit in the with rest of Washington!

Barbie gets a multicultural makeover. These are absolutely amazing.

A must read: Where Lucy Became A Redhead and Marilyn Became A Blonde: Historic Max Factor Building Chronicles Hollywood Beauty Biz.

Reality check for bloggers: You won’t make money from blogging.

In The End, People May Really Just Want to Date Themselves. I’ve never really been a believer in opposites attract, so this doesn’t surprise me.

You might want to check out Buzzfeed’s video If Girls Hit On Guys Like Guys Hit On Girls.
Because it is hilarious.

These pictures of 33 Unbelievable Places to Visit has been passed around a lot – but since they’re so gorgeous I couldn’t resist sharing it again.

Read this article, In Defence of Fake Beauty. Here’s a fantastic excerpt: “What we have is not a war against fakery, it is a war against that which displays itself as fakery; we’re all supposed to be pretending that we’re naturally wide-eyed and soft-skinned and blushing and blemish-free. Women are expected to be photorealist portraits of femininity, not expressionist canvasses; lies are tolerated only in so far as they are told convincingly.”

Because I can’t resist anything Frozen: Here’s Let It Go sung in 25 different languages.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am completely a little obsessed with Game of Thrones. Claudia Boleyn makes a great case for why you shouldn’t hate Sansa Stark.

The founder of the blog For Brown Girls, Karyn Washington died from suicide. Rest in Peace, Karyn.

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OOTD: Peplum Top + Jeggings + Navy Heels


Outfit of the Day details: Peplum top: Modcloth.com, gift; Jeans/Jeggings: Ross, $13; Navy heels: Macy’s, $15.

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OOTD: Purple Floral + Floral


OOTD: Purple Cardigan (old): Gap, price unknown; Purple Tank & Floral Tank: Romy, $10-$15 each; Skirt: local shop, $20; Shoes: Macy’s, $18; Prescription Glasses: Costco, ridiculously expensive.

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My Everyday Makeup Essentials


Makeup is one of the few things I really enjoy futzing around with – I tend to play around with different looks on my days off or when I’m going out for the night. However, I tend to play around with eyeshadows and eyeliners and stick to the tried and true for the rest of my face.  Listed below are what I view as my everyday makeup essentials.

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OOTD: Blue Printed Dress + Navy Heels + Scarf


Outfit of the Day details: Blue Patterned Dress: Modcloth.com, gift; Navy heels: Macy’s, $15; Scarf: JCPenney’s, $10 (with coupon, paid $0).

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