I prefer to go by Cat in my personal life.

I am a petite redhead currently residing in Washington state. A love of reading has always been central to my life – as a child, I remember staying up past midnight hoping my parents wouldn’t find me before I finally finished whichever book I had clutched desperately in my hands. I began writing in high school, and my love of writing and literature carried over into college, when I majored in English.

I love the way words come together to create a paragraph, a passage, a phrase that can speak so deeply to the human soul – the sound of a sentence as it slips past my lips. I write because I cannot imagine doing otherwise.

Photography is just another one of my creative outlets (and hobbies!) that I enjoy. I love to shoot my friends and family – catching the exact moment when they offer up a true happy smile. Chasing the perfect posed (or candid) shot can be the must frustrating and extremely satisfying thing at the exact same time.

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