How I Did Las Vegas for Under $1000


In February I went to Las Vegas for 3 days and 3 nights. The dates I stayed were February 12 – February 15.

First off, I should mention that not all of my methods will work for you. I’m just writing what worked for me when I went to Vegas and how I managed to get through my first trip to Vegas without going through loads of cash (ish). In addition to that, Everyone also wants to spend their money on different things – so what I spent my money on might not be what you want to spend yours on.

Now that that’s out of the way…

Obvious tip is obvious but: The easiest way to save money is to travel with other people. I went with 3 other girls to offset the cost of the room. Plus it was fun! Don’t be afraid to room with people you don’t know. I only knew one of the other girls when I went on the trip, but we all had a blast together.

Second tip: PRICE SHOP. I really can’t emphasize this enough. Hunt for deals! Our group managed to find a deal where airfare to Vegas and back was $98 each way. We also got a package deal for our room so we ended up paying $330 each for airfare and hotel.

I should mention: we could have gotten a slightly cheaper deal, but we had two requirements: Our hotel had to be on the strip, and the pool had to be open. We ended up booking a room with two queens at the Paris Las Vegas since the pool was guaranteed to be open in February. We ended up booking about a month or two in advance (if I remember correctly, we started looking right after Christmas).


Total Cost of Airfare & Room: $330.

Since we were lazy and did not want to take the shuttle (“ugh, it would take for-ev-er!”), we also booked a limo to take us to the hotel and pick us up when we had to leave. Since one of the girls was flying in a day  later, I split the cost with another girl. This was a splurge, and honestly it was totally worth it. I would definitely book the limo again if I had to redo this trip.

Cost of Limo (To Hotel & To Airport): $60

After we booked our hotel and flights we began hunting for a show to see. We knew we wanted to see one show while in Las Vegas, and we eventually settled on a Cirque du Soleil show. Since we weren’t picky about which one we saw (however, our group was not interested in the Beatles or Michael Jackson one) – we just looked for the correct days (times didn’t matter). Our group also refused to get bad seats (after all, if you’re going to see a show, why not get good seats?). After price shopping, we purchased our tickets for Cirque Du Soleil’s Zarkana. We paid $110 for seats that were eight rows back. Trust me when I say you want to sit close up for the Cirque shows, you can see so much more detail. (If anyone is curious – the show was fantastic! I would totally recommend it!)

Interesting tidbit: most people will tell you to wait to get to Vegas and look at Tix4Tonite. Tickets for our show for that night were selling for $145. That’s $30 more than what we paid when we booked in advance.

Total Cost of Show: $110


For our 3 days and 3 nights in Vegas, I chose to bring $500 of cash in spending money. This was the ONLY money I was bringing – and I decided early on: when it was gone, it was gone. This was for food, drinks, any activities, etc.  We all chose to use some of our spending money to hit Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum which was a total blast.

I knew that our group was having one big dinner splurge during our time there (We chose to have a nice dinner at the Gordon Ramsey Steak on Valentine’s Day), which ended up being around $160. Obviously, this isn’t an interest for everyone – so this is another opportunity to save money if you don’t happen to be much of a foodie.

Spending Money: $500

But one of the HUGE ways our group saved?


I only bought two drinks in Las Vegas.



I cannot stress this enough – if you are a girl or a group of girls, get dressed up and walk down the strip. Every night, all four of us would dress up and just start walking and inevitably one of the club promoters would offer our group no cover charge and free drinks. We got into all of the really nice clubs in Las Vegas for free! One bar even gave our group a table and bottle service for free.

I did not pay a cover charge the entire time I was there, and I only purchased two drinks (one from the Toby Keith bar and the other at the Hakkasan – although we didn’t pay a cover there).

Regarding the clubs: We also went the Chateau and the Hyde. The Hakkasan was easily the best for dancing, as they have an enormous dance floor and it’s clearly the focus of the entire club. The Hyde was the second best for dancing (although it took it some time to pick up), but is absolutely gorgeous inside. Plus you can see the Bellagio fountains go off every hour (or so)! The Chateau was the tiniest (they had a lot of it roped off while we were there), and their dance floor is the smallest.  We also hit the Nine Fine Irishmen Pub which was super fun – we ran into four British men who just wanted to chat with us and buy beer. I would definitely recommend it. Also one of the bartenders let us sneak in food!

Sadly, this particular money saving tip does not work for guys. We met a group of girls at one of the bars who mentioned they had a lot of difficulty getting their husbands in to any of the clubs. Their solution was to book one of the party buses that takes you to different clubs/bars around the city. (Our group looked into the party bus and we found that you could get one for about $40. They offered unlimited drinks in the bus/limo, and you would get several coupons for drinks in each club as well as not having to pay a cover.)

Upon leaving Vegas, I actually had $50 left over from my spending money. Obviously there are several places I could have saved (technically the fancy dinner and the limo were unnecessary – but on my first trip to Vegas I felt they were worthwhile splurges). The only souvenir I left with was a shot glass.

Cost of Entire Trip:

Airfare & Hotel: $330

Limo: $60

Show: $110

Spending Money: $500

Money left over: $50


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