Link Roundup #3

Here’s what I’ve been reading recently:

I was a Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

Anyone planning on going through their closet? Here are some organizational tips.

7 Days of outfits inspired by Taylor Swift. I happen to love her classic girly style – she’s one of the few celebs I tend to watch for!

I personally won’t be participating in the ugly sandal trend – but for those who are interested, here’s how to make them cute.

Excessive TV viewing is linked to reduced sleep in children.  Yikes! Time to cut back on my TV time.

Glamour tells you how to get oil stains out of silk. I’m sure I’ll be using this tip at some point.

Interesting: after going to space, cherry trees blossom six years early.

College students are struggling with basic living expenses and often going hungry.

After studying ASL for a year in college, I could understand why my deaf teacher was so against cochlear implants. They’re killing an entire subculture. Read: The silencing of the Deaf.

When we talk about trigger warnings on XOJane.

Someone witnessed and live tweeted the worst date ever – it is hilarious.

See this adorable 4 year old wearing construction paper versions of Red Carpet gowns. So cute!

 This ombre criscross nail art tutorial is to die for. Plus it has a gif showing you how to acheive it (since the whole article is in french).

This study shows how Rock/Paper/Scissors can be predicted. After analyzing my own choices, I tend to pick scissors first then switch to rock.

And this foot workout for toning your legs looks easy for me to incorporate into my routine.

I love the intricate hairstyles on Game of Thrones – here’s pictures of quite a few of them!

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