OOTD: Green Tee + Floral Skirt + Cardigan + Tights + Boots


Outfit of the Day details: Cami (old): unknown; Green T-shirt: Kohl’s, $15; Cardigan: Target, $15-20; Skirt: local boutique, $20; Tights: Macy’s, $10 (Black Friday sale); Boots: Macy’s, $120 (paid $80).



I wore this out on the Saturday night before St. Patrick’s Day. Mostly, I wanted to look cute while still wearing the green t-shirt. Since I normally wear dresses, I actually dug into my skirts and pulled out this cute flirty floral I purchased while I still lived in Bellingham. I don’t normally do florals, but I made an exception for this pretty little thing.

As it was cold and possibly going to rain, I threw on the tights and my trusty dancing boots (Okay, they’re not just for dancing…since I wear them all the time).

PSA: Always take outfit photos before you wear the outfit!

I did not, and when I went out I ripped a HUGE hole in these tights. I was completely ticked because their normal price is completely ridiculous ($22), and I somehow managed to get them for a total steal, and on top of that: I’ve only worn them several times. (Plus they went really well with this skirt!) I’m actually wearing them backwards in the pictures. Necessity is the mother of invention, right?


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