OOTD: Polka-Dot Dress + Knee High Boots

OOTD Black Polkadot Dress & Knee High Boots

Outfit of the Day Details: Black Polkadot Dress – borrowed; Tights – gift; Boots – Nine West Outlet, $60.

Some of my best resources are my friends – in addition to being helpful while shopping (“No, you shouldn’t buy that.” or “That’s cute!”) – they all happen to have wonderful wardrobes of their own. My best friend and I frequently swap different garments to keep our own wardrobes from getting stale which is why I’ve had this lovely polka-dot dress for over a year now.

I always end up wearing it to work and it seems like everyone I run into loves this dress. With polka-dots, a pick-up skirt, and flattering silhouette, what’s not to love? I’m sure one day after I’ve returned it, I’ll end up rifling through my closet looking for it only to be disappointed I’m no longer borrowing it.

I will admit a fondness for military inspired items and these knee high boots fit into that aesthetic quite well. Although they’re a dark brown, I felt comfortable enough pairing them against black.

OOTD PD dress & KH Boots 2

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