OOTD: Red & White & Blue


Outfit of the Day details: White Tee: Target, $20. Skirt: local boutique, $30. Red Flats (old): Macy’s, approx. $50-60.



I decided after my first set of pictures to get rid of the red cardigan because I didn’t like how the whole outfit looked with it. That’s one of the useful things about photographing your outfits with frequency – you get to look at the pictures and either go “Oh yes, perfect.” or go “Hurgh. How have I been wearing this outside?!” (Hopefully more of the former than the latter…)

I should have snapped a detail shot of the skirt but didn’t think about it, until it was too late unfortunately. It’s got a gorgeous floral print on the lace overlay. After looking at the pictures though, I am considering getting it taken in just a little so it sits higher on my waistline.


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