OOTD: White Lace Dress + Scarf + Booties


OOTD Details: Lace Dress – Les Saisons Boutique, $100. Pink Scarf – gift. Black Tights – gift. Booties – Target, $30. 

I work at a doctor’s office and I am the only person in the office that doesn’t wear scrubs. I am working with typical office dress code, so I try to keep my workwear filed under business casual.

Dress + Tights + Scarf + Flats/Boots/Booties/Heels is quite possibly my favorite outfit formula for any work outfit. I personally don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but I do have a hefty scarf collection. Living in Washington State, I can easily combat the wind with a scarf to keep my neck warm. And in the fall/winter season, tights are a continual feature in each of my daily outfits.

One of the best purchases I have ever made was this white lace dress. It was a splurge about two years ago, but I wear it regularly to work – as well as using it for any new dates. In fact, this particular outfit would (and has) transferred between the two seamlessly.

I know that “Cost Per Wear” (CPW) is a hugely overused phrase that has previously irritated me but I have gotten so much use out of this dress that I can understand why so many bloggers emphasize it.

I had been searching for  the perfect pair of black ankle boots for about a year and a half when I stumbled across these at Target. Purchasing them was a no-brainer, and with some shoe inserts they are actually quite comfortable. It helps that I am capable of walking in them, as well.




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