Super Sale Steal: Suede Shoes


I tend to stumble across good deals every so often. Recently, I was walking around the mall trying to find balloons for my best friend’s birthday (I had unsuccessfully looked at Hallmark) – and I walked past Macy’s shoe rack. More specifically, their sale rack. The sign read 65%-75% off and as I was walking by, I sighed “I love shoes. I’ll come back tomorrow.”

And then the sales associate goes: “Well we’re having an extra 25% off today. Only today.”

So I stopped. Tried on shoes. Apologized profusely to the poor guy friend I was out with. Tried on more shoes and settled on the blue suede heels. On sale for $18, with the extra 25% off, they were $13. I practically stole them for $15 after tax.

Of course, I couldn’t resist telling my best friend all about the amazing sale so the two of us went back to Macy’s together. I told myself I wouldn’t buy another pair since I wouldn’t be getting the extra 25% off like the previous day – but these gray scalloped ballet flats called my name.

Check out my receipts below (especially the original price vs. amount I paid):


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