Friday Favs: Christmas Edition 2016

After almost 2 years of not blogging, I’ve come back! The past 2 years have been busy with friends, family, dating, and life in general – but I’ve always enjoyed writing and I’m happy to come back to doing something I previously enjoyed so much.

Since it’s close to the holidays, I figured i would throw together a quick post of of my holiday favorites for this year –

First up: These DELICIOUS cookies! I made this recipe last week and it is absolutely amazing in every way.

You can get the recipe here, though in full disclosure I’m pretty sure I accidentally dumped almost half the bottle of peppermint extract instead of using the recommended amount. They still turned out really well though! I definitely plan to make more of them in the future, considering I am absolutely addicted to peppermint.

Anyone who knows me, knows that my Christmas tree is always bird-themed. I just love having tons of the little clip-on birds on my tree! I saw the most gorgeous ornament at Pier One earlier this month, but it looks like it is sold out. These little guys are super cute though, and I would be delighted to add them to my tree!

You can buy them here, if you are also a bird-themed tree lover (As a bonus, they are currently on sale).

Decor-wise, I ended up realizing this year that I actually do not have nearly as much Christmas stuff as I thought I did. So I’ve been hunting down a lot of inspiration pictures.

My Christmas shopping was all done on Etsy this year (I was actually done by late October!). Because of that, I ran across a couple things I would love to add to my place for next Christmas.

Who wouldn’t want this gorgeous freaking wreath?

(Buy it here)

I’ve got tons and tons of candles (and 2 Scentsy warmers AND incense) but I’m a sucker for holiday scented candles.

This one in Apple Cider and this one in Peppermint Bark are just two of the fifteen or so I threw in my cart.¬† In case you weren’t sure if I enjoyed scented things, I also happen to have a sizeable perfume collection as well.

 Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone!

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Summer Inspiration

It’s finally starting to get sunny in Washington! After work each day, I’ve been heading outside and either running/walking or laying out on the grass with a good book, lots of sunscreen, and my iPod.

Here’s what I’ve been feeling for summer this year…

The ever classic combination of stripes and red – I’ve always been a huge fan of nautical inspired style, and this summer is really no different.

Nautical Inspired.

Found here.


I also tend to be really fond of soft florals in summertime. While springtime florals are nice, I really feel like they come into their own during summer.

floral playsuit

Though I tend to hate rompers – this floral one is too gorgeous. Found here.


Found here.


Found here.


Once it’s bright and warm out, all those awesome strappy back tops can start to come out! It’s a lot easier to show off awesome details like these when you aren’t freezing to death.


Found here.


Found here.


Big floppy hats are one of my favorite summer accessories. I’m still looking for the perfect one…


Found here.


Also cute shorts! I love shorts with a fun little detail like pom poms or lace.


Found here.


Found here.

I’ve been looking at swimsuits and sunglasses as well, but I think that’s a whole other post – honestly!

Have you started looking at summer clothing yet? What’s caught your eye?


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